You Know Any Of These People?


Why Bitles?


You just have to look at the website

I joined Bitles primarily because I was so impressed with their website. After doing program after program that promised the world and delivered nothing, just looking at the website and all the work that was put into designing Bitles, I immediately knew that this was something else. Not only is it a super professional site, looking super sharp, but the functionality is also out of this world. If you have your doubts about Bitles, just signup and really study the site. There are tons of bizopps out there but none with a site the quality of Bitles.

The CEO is a real nice person and available for us all.

Yep, compared to other so called crypto companies, when you read the about us info it says : we are a group of crypto and finance experts, blah, blah, blah. Not so in Bitles. In Bitles we have one very intellectual and strong leader, Janis Lacis. He is not hiding somewhere or behind some fake name, but is available to us the members. There is Fb groups and Telegram groups where we can ask whatever we want. Janis also regularly hold live zoom conferences where you as a member can ask anything. no guessing here. no question to stupid or to smart. Janis is there to answer you. Just this is so amazing and different from everything else, that it is reason enough to go 100% in with Bitles.

It is so easy to get started!

Yep, Bitles cares for all of us, from the novice to the expert. Once you join us,  you can start the easy way. Then Bitles provides a lot of different opportunities which you can join along the way as you learn more. The best thing about Bitles is that we are like a big family helping each other. Both the novice and the expert will find interesting and lucrative things to do here. If you are low on money, there is bonus tasks you can do to build up your balance. If you are loaded, you can invest almost unlimited and make big money daily. To make it very easy to get started, Bitles just released the x-pack program. No easier way to make money than that. Get started now. Join us and get an xpack going for you today!

What are you waiting for?




Having more than 20 years experience in the mlm and network marketing business,  I just have to say, Bitles is the best I have ever joined.

Have a great day

Rune F


As a self-taught Trader Bitles has helped me achieve my goals, this platform gives me the ability to help other people in my team so we can grow together .

Paul Eveleigh


Being sceptical I had my doubts when I was Introduced to Bitles. But for $20 I thought I'd try it. Did I regret it? no not one bit infact I wish Id have been introduced to Bitles earlier. My $20 has more than trebled so I'm very Happy. My finances are now on track to make my retirement more pleasureable. Thanks Bitles

Dennis J Graves



Frequently Asked Questions

 Is Bitles for everyone?
 Yap, Bitles is a global opportunity, any nationality can participate.  


 Do I need to have a lot of money to join? 
 Nope, Bitles has tasks you can do and get rewarded from. 
These tasks can give you what you need to get started.   


 Ok, I see that freebies can join, but is it interesting for us with money as well? 
 Yes of course. It is most interesting for the investors. 
Whether you are a builder or just a passive investor, 
there is no other company paying as well as Bitles do.  
 Do I have to wait a long time for my withdrawals? 
 Nope, Withdrawals are paid usually within a few hours.   


 Is it possible to get help if there are things I wonder about? 
 Yep, that is probably the best about Bitles. 
Everyone is there to help you. From the CEO down to the normal members. 
There is FB groups, telegram groups and so on. 
You will not be left alone unless you choose to. 


 Is Bitles a here today gone tomorrow company ? 
Absolutely not. 
Bitles was launched early 2020 but is still in it's infancy. 
Everybody joining now, is in fom the start.

Join us right now and be part of the incredible journey ahead!

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